A La Carte Menus

Want to enjoy a Gourmet moment during your flight?

In Economy class, we propose you one of our A la carte menus.

The Service

New! From June 1rst, Aircalin puts forward 4 a la carte menus that you can choose from to enhance your trip: Hamburger, Fresh, Around the World or Gourmet. You can select your fee-based pick as a replacement for the menu of the day and turn your lunch or dinner on board into a true moment of pleasure and relaxation.



Meal + : Hamburger


Hamburger Menu


This menu will appeal to burger addicts, be they young or grown-up! To ensure optimum taste and freshness, Aircalin suggests that you prepare your burger just before enjoying it. Your menu includes a yummy dessert, cheese and snacks.




Meal + : Fresh


Fresh Menu


If you love fresh and tasteful quality food, this is your pick: entree, fancy and generous salad, and fresh fruit salad as a dessert. Treat yourself to fine and tasteful cuisine.




Menu saveur du monde



Around the World Menu


Why don't you start your trip with a world cuisine menu that will introduce you to New Caledonian, Creole or Indian flavours? 

Have a go with this menu that will take you on a journey from entree to dessert. And to complement your meal, enjoy a glass of champagne as an aperitif. No doubt you're off to a great holiday!




Menu gourmet



Gourmet Menu


If you are passionate about gourmet cuisine, this is your one opportunity: treat yourself to a trip full of flavours, with a glass of champagne. An ideal opportunity to celebrate a birthday, surprise your travel companion, or simply turn your trip into a true time of celebration!







Hamburger Menu1 5001319211 67013
Fresh Menu1 8001523252 00016
Around the World Menu3 0002538423 33526
Gourmet Menu3 0002538423 33526


Worth noting!

We regret to advise that this service is only available to passengers travelling in economy class, on a ticket bearing an Aircalin flight number AND in a flight operated by an Aircalin aircraft.

This service is only available on flights serving hot lunch or dinner.

The Around the World and Gourmet menus are only available on flights exceeding three and half hour.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please enjoy in a responsible manner.




You can pay for your a la carte menu:

upon purchase of your ticket  in our call center, flight centre or travel agency

Full list of ingredients included in each menu may vary according to seasonal requirements. Photos shown on our website are for illustration only and are not binding on the airline. Menu details are provided upon order.

Terms and Conditions

1.1 - Against a top-up payment, Aircalin gives you the opportunity to select ahead of your trip the menu that you will be served in the economy cabin during your flight, on any destination except Nadi and Wallis. This optional service is called "A La Carte Menu": you will be invited to submit your choice when you book your flight or when you go to the section labelled "My reservation" on the Aircalin website (www.aircalin.com) up until 48 hours before boarding. Please note that our menu of the day and usual drinks are still available free of charge on board if you decide against the "a la carte" option.

1.2 - The a la carte menus served during the flight may differ slightly in quantity, taste or aspect to what was visually described or suggested in the photos and the presentation texts appearing notably on the Aircalin website. Some ingredients may be replaced by similar ones without prior notice. Photos shown on the website are for illustration only and are not binding on Aircalin.

1.3 - You cannot cancel your order once it has been placed. Should you want to transfer your order onto another flight, we suggest that you contact your travel agent or your Aircalin office no later than 48 hours before departure. Please note that the transfer of an a la carte menu is only possible on the basis of: same itinerary, same passenger, same point of origin and destination, flight operated by Aircalin, and only if the same menu is available on that flight. You cannot change your order once it has been placed.

1.4 - Aircalin is not in a position to provide a full list of ingredients for a la carte menus.

If you suffer from food allergy or intolerance, we recommend that you do not select an a la carte menu. Any consequence resulting from intolerance or allergy to a specific food ingredient will remain your sole responsibility.

1.5 - The general terms and conditions of carriage are accessible on our website and are part of these conditions. We recommend that you carefully review them.

2 - Conditions and restrictions

2.1 - By ordering an a la carte menu, you explicitely declare that you have the legal capacity to contract, that you have read the present conditions of sale and that you agree to be bound by them.

2.2 - When you order an a la carte menu, you undertake to provide Aircalin with true information and to refrain from placing a reservation for which you would not meet the required conditions as set out in the present general terms and conditions of sale. Furthermore, you explicitely declare that you order for yourself or on behalf of another person in the name of whom you are allowed to act, this person being deemed to have read the general terms and conditions of sale and be bound by them.

2.3 - Passengers under the age of 18 are not elligible to the Around the World and Gourmet menus. 

2.4 - The a la carte menu service is subject to availability. It could be that a limited number of a la carte menus are available on any given flight.

2.5 - You will not have the opportunity to order an a la carte menu once you are on board. Only orders placed 48 hours before the flight can be met.

3. Rates

3.1 - The a la carte menus are subject to pricing according to the type of menu; the pricing reflects the customer's choice at the time of ordering.

3.2 - Rates are shown upon reservation of the a la carte menus; rates are tax inclusive.

4 - Refund

4.1 - A la carte menus cannot be cancelled or refundable unless Aircalin could not meet your order which had been duly placed 48 hours before departure. Aircalin will make every effort to provide a la carte menus which have been ordered according to the present general terms and conditions of sale. However, for operational reasons relating to safety or security considerations and/or operating deficiencies, a la carte menus might end up being unavailable. Under these circumstances, a standard menu of the day will be served as a replacement of the a la carte menu you had ordered, and you will be elligible for refund. For this purpose, you will be asked to fill in the appropriate on-line application on our website (www.aircalin.com) under the section "Contact us" and send it to our customers service department.

4.2 - No refund will be issued if you fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria.

4.3 - If you pay for an upgrade to Business class, your menu purchase will be lost, unless you are in a position to transfer it to a future flight, according to the conditions set in 1.3 article.

5 - Claims

Any complaint regarding reservation, payment and/or delivery of a la carte menus should be directed to Aircalin; please fill in the on-line form in the section called "Contact us" on www.aircalin.com