A fascinating island continent

Australia, both a country and a continent, is a captivating and enticing destination which crystallizes everything that dreams are made of.  From the red landscapes of Uluru desert to the Sydney suburbs, from the Great Barrier Reef to the shores of Tasmania, Australia will have you fall under its unequalled charms. So as you book your flight, get yourself ready for some unforgettable adventures.

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Dive at the heart of the aboriginal culture


In spite of its seeming paradoxes, everything about Australia reads like a success story! Striking, spectacular, unique…all superlative descriptions seem to fit it like a tailor-made glove. Nature rimes with abundance and luxuriance, while it remains perfectly integrated to the urban landscape of coastal cities. Though the history of British colonization remains recent, the unique and enigmatic Aboriginal culture is now recognized and estimated worldwide. Australia has even come to be considered as mankind’s second cradle (after Africa)! It is indeed on Aussie turf that the oldest geological traces are found. Nature seems to have chosen Australia to express the infinite range of its imagination. Here you will encounter wildlife that’s positively strange and fascinating. As you travel through the immensity of Australia, you will make endless discoveries that will stack up like a collection of unforgettable memories. Come uncover uncharted territories that combine all extremes, and you will live some grandiose adventures.  Australia is always on the move and so are Australians! But in spite of the joyful hustle and bustle (and whether you travel to big cities or more rural areas) you will always be welcomed with warmth, care and consideration. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have all been ranked among the world’s top 10 best cities to live in. You will quickly be won over by the incredible sunsets over the red grounds of Arnhem or by the lively wilderness that stretches endlessly to the horizon. Australia is home to about 24 million people, all subjects of her Majesty the Queen of England. The Aboriginal presence dates back fifty thousand years, and the cultural heritage it has engendered is unlike any other – a magnetic and fascinating realm of spirituality, customs and traditions. If you want to be part of the multifaceted Australian dream, don’t wait any longer to book your flight to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne!


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Discover a generous and spectacular nature


Set off towards Australia big cities

Brisbane, the sunny city

Enjoy a flight to Brisbane to discover this river town with a profusion of lush parks and magnificent gardens. Queensland’s state capital easily stands the comparison with Melbourne and Sydney when it comes to livability and attractiveness. The heart of Brisbane is modern and vibrant. It features a charming and bustling pedestrian street, adjacent to Queen Street Mall.

Melbourne, a city of character

In 2015 Melbourne fittingly ranks as the world’s most livable city. The state capital of Victoria is a very nature-friendly place, and it counts many gorgeous parks. Melbourne fosters a substantial art scene and it makes for a wonderful destination, full of magic and style – a true and delightful taste of Australian elegance.

Sydney, an emblematic city

Sydney shines like a diamond basking in the sun. It is a truly magnetic city that has few peers when it comes to urban enticements. But its charm is also made of splendid nature. As you contemplate the stunning scenery, you will find that each picture-perfect landscape is superseded by the next! World-famous Bondi Beach completes the portrait of a city that embodies the Australian dream.

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