Created in 1983, Aircalin did not stop crossing stages of its development at the service of New Caledonia and New Caledonians.


1983-1988 : First steps 


Photo premiers pas    


 Decembre, 3rd 1983 : First Melbourne-Nouméa flight with 173 passengers


1984 : Acquisition of 1st aircraft, the Caravelle « Marina »


1987 : Start of twin-otter flights between Wallis and Futuna








1989-1999 : Regional developpement 


Equipage archive     


1988 : Boeing B737-300 operations


1993 : Wallis and Papeete join the network, the company’s 10th anniversary


1996 : Aircalin becomes member of IATA








2000 to today : Long haul flights


Photo A330




2000 : Inauguration of the 1st Nouméa-Osaka flight by Airbus A310


2002 : Delivery of 2 Airbus A330-200


2003 : Aircalin celebrates 20th anniversary and operates 5 flights to Tokyo per week in partnership with Air France


2004 : Delivery of 1 Airbus A320 for regional routes








Photo staff Hibiscus 



2007 : Awarded IOSA certification


2010 : Launch of the « Make our clients smile! » programme


2011 : Installation of the Safety Management System








Photo lie flat Hibiscus    




2012 : Delivery of new cabins: IFE, seats, uniforms…


2013 : The company celebrates its 30th anniversary and launches a new business plan


2014 : Opening of the Melbourne line, delivery of a second Airbus A320, the fleet receives its new livery








Today, thanks to the continued development of partnerships with other airlines and the optimisation of our flight programme, AIRCALIN offers over 110 destinations from Nouméa.


At the same time, the company promotes New Caledonia by showcasing Caledonian skills on board the aircraft (gastronomy, local products, music). The cabins are decorated in the colours of the lagoon seen from above, and the red earth, an invitation to discover the beauties of the Territory from the very beginning of your trip.