Week-end in New Caledonia

4 days in New Caledonia

Dreaming about a short stay on a splendid Pacific island? New Caledonia will deliver on the promise of a postcard perfect destination, endowed with premier accommodation and services. If you want to unwind while contemplating scenery of surreal beauty, New Caledonia is the place for you. Come discover some of Mother’s Nature most gorgeous décors. From Grande Terre to the surrounding islands and isles, plan your journey as you wish: indulge in a luxurious hotel, camp or lodge with locals! New Caledonia offers more accommodation options than you can think of. No matter your budget and whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, New Caledonia has the offer to suit your needs. Get prepared for a memorable journey and some great adventures. 

The essential

Let your sense explode for a week-end in New Caledonia


Whether you want to indulge in great food or splendid excursions on the lagoon, Nouméa is an ideal destination. Museums, cultural centers, Aquarium des Lagons, the Zoological Park, etc…the capital offers a wide array of attractions and cultural venues. Lounge on the beach for hours on end and forget about hassles and daily trivia. In Nouméa enjoy everything that’s French. Delicatessen shops, boulangeries and patisseries “made in France”, wine and cheese: a gourmet’s paradise. Most hotels are located by the lagoon, which means you only have to walk a few steps in order to enjoy the beach. Nouméa is the perfect destination if you want to relax, let your sense explode and live some great adventures.

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Ride the largest lagoon on earth

The lagoon

If you’re a fishing enthusiast you will love New Caledonia’s lagoon! Abundant with incredible fauna and flora, the lagoon remains incredibly unspoiled and is inscribed as a World Heritage site since 2008. If you’re after a bit more, opt for an excursion that combines sailing, diving, fishing and camping. Paradisiacal. Enjoy incredible sunsets that will sublimate your journey.

Seek to capture the paradise

Rent a catamaran (with or without skipper) and ride the largest lagoon on earth. Sail for 3 or 4 days and discover grapes of gorgeous islets.

Loyalty Islands and incredible diving spots

Lifou is all about immaculate white sand beaches that are breathtaking. Ile des Pins, a true fairyland, is well reputed for its sultry beauty and natural wonders (such as the famous natural pool). Maré is authentic and grounded in Kanak culture. Ouvéa is a dream, a place outside the realm of what’s fathomable. Here diving amateurs will relish some of the world’s most amazing underwater spots.

A week-end in Paradise

Four days to explore the Loyalty Islands? Definitely too short. You will be better off picking one and planning to come back for the others. Each island offers great accommodation and services that will allow you to fully appreciate your stay. The Loyalty Islands are New Caledonia’s gems, it treasures.

An all inclusive journey

If you don’t want to think about planning your journey, leave it to professionals! Opt for an “autotour” of Grande Terre so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. The tour encompasses many hallmark sites and plenty of activities: from dreamy beaches to cultural outings and snorkeling. Don’t wait any longer and come discover New Caledonia, a unique country that will seduce you in a heartbeat.

Escape to marvellous New Caledonia


Vibrate to the rythm of this destination

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