Economy class


At the airport as on board, we do everything to ensure you travel in the best conditions. Economy class has been especially designed to offer you a convivial and comfortable space

The lagoon and red earth, the iconic colours and landscapes of New Caledonia set the atmosphere of the cabin. The seat material, especially designed for Aircalin, are inspired by an underwater lagoon view and yellow-headed coral, well known to lovers of diving in New Caledonia. 


Chosen for their comfort and ergonomic design, Economy Class seats have adjustable footrests and headrests and boast a recline angle of over 15°. The armrests on seats in the middle row retract fully into the backrest, allowing passengers to stretch out completely when there is enough free seating in the cabin.


By travelling in Economy class on our Airbus A.330, you will have the following comfort:

  • Seat pitch is 32" to 33" (81 to 83 cm), depending on seats.
  • Footrest for added comfort.
  • Armrest fully retractable to upright position.
  • Each in-seat control unit is fitted with an integrated telephone handset.
  • Plug into USB and Apple compatible port connector facilities to view files and recharge personal devices.
  • Slip on our new headband headphones or plug in your own headset.
  • You can check out in-flight menus and drinks on your personal screen.
  • Consult the in-flight shop and place the order with our cabin crew
  • A selection of national and international press
  • Recline your chairs back 15° to relax throughout your flight 


The Economy seats on our Airbus allow for a recline of more than 15°. In the central row, the armrests can be retracted into the backrest, thus allowing you to stretch out completely, when there is enough free seating in the cabin.

You can take advantage of a large range of audio and video programmes, available on demand through the Aircalin Player that you can configure on your tablets and smartphones before your trip.


By travelling in Economy class on our Airbus A.320, you will have the following comfort:

  • The distance between the seats is 29” to 32” (73 to 81 cm) according to the seat
  • Reclining seats by 15° allows you to relax during your flight
  • In the central row, armrests are fully retractable to a vertical position
  • A selection of national and international press 


Think about Internet check-in to save time and ease your trip to:

- Confirm your presence on board

- Choose your seat in advance 

- Book your à la carte services in advance

- Find your boarding pass on your mobile phone thanks to the Passbook iOS application

- To save time at the airport


In Economy class, you travel in an ergonomic seat on most of our aircraft, equipped with a foot rest and an adjustable head rest. The back and arm rests are also adjustable to offer you greater comfort. The distance between the seats varies between  29’’ and 33’’ (73 and 83 cm).


On long haul flights departing from Nouméa, we serve meals that blend Caledonian flavours with gourmet French and international culinary traditions. Our hot meals are accompanied by an apéritif, and a selection of wines and spirits.  


In order to enhance your flight with a personal touch, Aircalin offers a range of ‘à la carte’ services available on all Aircalin operated flights, from extra baggage and seats to seat+.