Plage de Wallis

Travel to Wallis & Futuna, the kingdoms of the Pacific

Wallis and Futuna welcome you to a land of encounters. This place is where the traditional lifestyle and the lush nature are intertwined in everyday life, offering the most precious treasures of the Pacific to the most adventurous. 

➜ Visit Wallis and Futuna in three days

Live intensely to the rhythm of Polynesian traditions

Wallis and Futuna is the heart of Western Polynesia. The flower necklaces are worn daily. Wallis is indeed a Polynesian island of its own, where traditions are particularly alive. You can discover the kava ritual, unique natural sites and the Tongan fort of Kolo Nui. On the restaurant menu, you will find the irresistible sashimi or raw fish salad with coconut milk. In a languid atmosphere, the days stretch out peacefully and the locals are keen to help you discover the treasures of their tropical archipelago. 

Wallis et Futuna

Must-see places to visit in Wallis & Futuna

The call of the Wallis lagoon: a lush and preserved nature

The turquoise and emerald lagoons prove to be the most ardent jewel of the island of Wallis. There are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of such pristine waters,  try canoeing or stand up paddling you can  rent at the nautical base, swim in the famous "RFO" beach in Mua, go deep-sea fishing, or even explore the islets with a guide. With each dive, you will find a new sublime discovery in the almost unexplored waters!

Lac Lalolalo Wallis Paysage Histoire

The view from Lake Lalo Lalo

An encounter with Lake Lalo Lalo is a must. After several kilometers in the middle of the bush on the bumpy roads, you finally reach the blue heart of the island. An impressive crater lake of 400 meters in diameter emerges from the vegetation, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, from which the graceful pailles-en-queue are soaring. A grandiose and amazing site that should not be missed.

The flavors of Wallis & Futuna

Archipelago of delights

Influenced by French eating habits, the inhabitants of the archipelago are fond of marinated chicken and pork. You will also find many grilled fish and seafood dishes, although coconut remains the base of the local cuisine. Taro and manioc often completes the meal.

Attend the preparation and tasting of the Umu, a traditional way of cooking food in a hole in the earth on heated stones.. This is a tradition found in almost all of the Pacific. The many dishes and foods are either carefully wrapped in banana leaves or placed in braided coconut palms and cooked in the Umu.. A culinary must-see!


Activities to do in Wallis & Futuna

Tour on the lagoon in a traditional pirogue

Don't miss the sea ride on a traditional pirogue and sail peacefully to discover the lagoon of Wallis. The Nukuteatea Association also proposes in its service the preparation of a typical dish of the archipelago, in the 'Umu. The lunch is then enjoyed while you have your feet in the water! On the menu are exotic fruits, fish salads, freshly prepared seafood... Something everyone can enjoy!

Flying over the island by microlight

Take a microlight tour with the Aéroclub du lagon to fully appreciate the idyllic landscapes of Wallis and Futuna. You can enjoy an extraordinary flight over the lagoon with their turquoise waters. Your experienced pilot will show and advise how to appreciate the view at its true value.


Wallis & Futuna an authentic and generous culture

At your oars!

Va'a, a well-known traditional Polynesian sport, is a great success in Wallis and Futuna. The various va'a clubs and associations organize various events throughout the year, such as competitions for all rowers in different categories, training courses and open days. For more information, visit the Wallis and Futuna Tourism Office website.

Côte de Futuna Village Plage Paysage

Getting around

The archipelago offers many ways to actively explore its surroundings both marine and land. You can discover what the two islands have to offer by renting a car or a scooter, or explore the surrounding islets and lagoon with the cab boat services which are available for excursions that can last all day. 

These services also offer services including guided tours of the islets or cultural immersion including basket weaving workshops using coconut leaves.

The monthly market

If you are looking for local products and crafts, you are in the right place! Once a month, in Fuga'Uvea at Tepa village between 06:00 and 13:00, a market is held with several stalls: basketry, jewelry, handmade ornaments, traditional clothing, sculptures, jams, homemade honeys and achards, prepared dishes, fruits and vegetables, flower and plant bouquets... It is a unique opportunity to meet the artisans, to exchange with beekeepers and farmers and above all, to indulge yourself! 

Customary festivals

Wallis and Futuna is known for its customary festivals deeply rooted in its culture, giving rhythm to the daily life of its inhabitants. These ceremonies are called Katoaga and take place during a religious holiday (the different districts celebrate their patron saint each year), a family event or secular holidays such as July 14 or the territory's holiday on July 29. If you have the opportunity to attend a Katoaga, you will discover a part of the folklore, which consists of dances and costumes, as well as its rituals.

A unique moment for any visitor to capture colorful shots!  

Practical information

Coming to Wallis and Futuna

Entry conditions in Wallis and Futuna:

Need information about the entry conditions in Wallis et Futuna?

Check out the link below:

Wallis and Futuna entry requirements

Map of Wallis and Futuna

How to get to Wallis and Futuna

Going to Wallis and Futuna from Noumea

It is easy to get to  Wallis and Futuna from Noumea, check our flight from Noumea to Wallis and Futuna.

Average flight time: 

It takes approximately less than 3 hours from Noumea Wallis. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. 

Time difference: 

It is 1 hour later in Wallis and Futuna than in Noumea, New Caledonia

When to go to Wallis and Futuna

What is the best time to visit Wallis and Futuna?

Depending on what you want to do in Wallis and Futuna, the best times to go are: 

  • Between May and September, these months fall in the southern winter. However, you can avoid the rainy season and the heavy rains. Temperatures average around 25°C.

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