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Whether it is in the Pacific, in Asia, in Europe or toward North America, find here your next destination.

New Caledonia

In New Caledonia nature thrives and people proudly display their diversity. Wonder at a lagoon that is listed as a World Heritage site, walk through forests where precious woods and rare essences abound or acquaint yourself with a joyful multi-ethnic population. Visit New Caledonia and discover a melting pot of cultures and splendid panoramas that will make your heart beat a little faster.

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Australia, both a country and a continent, is a captivating and enticing destination which crystallizes everything that dreams are made of.  From the red landscapes of Uluru desert to the Sydney suburbs, from the Great Barrier Reef to the shores of Tasmania, Australia will have you fall under its unequalled charms. So as you book your flight, get yourself ready for some unforgettable adventures.

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New Zealand

New Zealand has it all! From breathtaking landscapes to warm and friendly locals, you will discover or rediscover this destination with great delight. Preserved scenery, unspoiled nature, hidden beaches, refined cities and reputed vineyards, New Zealand is a generous host to all visitors! The profusion and uniqueness of its treasures will assuredly seduce you.

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Pacific Islands

The mere mention of these tropical gems brings an overwhelming collection of images to mind. Needless to say, the Pacific Islands have left a lingering imprint on the world- one that’s made of dreamlike settings, sultry fragrances and rumors of heaven on earth. Embark on a magical voyage.

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North America

North America is a continent of superlatives. Surrounded by three different oceans, its immensity never fails to fascinate! Embark on a memorable voyage made of immense territories, rich wilderness and incredible urban masterpieces.

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Alluring scents of spices, a joyful outlook on life and a sense of freedom: the Asian continent concentrates a wide array of contrasting millennia-old cultures. From surreal temples hidden in the jungle to refined cuisine, Asia will have you fall under its multifold charm in a heartbeat. Bask in the great energy of its different peoples and enjoy a unique voyage.

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Europe will undoubtedly match your needs for culture, tradition and history. Forty countries, all very different, offer their great historical and cultural density to visitors from all around the world. Discover a continent that has managed to meet today’s touristic challenges.

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