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The Marquesas Islands, Bora Bora, Tahiti… the mere mention of these tropical gems brings an overwhelming collection of images to mind. Needless to say, the archipelagoes of French Polynesia have left a lingering imprint on the world- one that’s made of dreamlike settings, sultry fragrances and rumors of heaven on earth. French Polynesia is a land of abundance, bliss and slow-paced life. A mythical destination that exudes candied scents of Tiare flowers and Tahitian Vanilla. Embark on a magical voyage.

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Endless stretches of immaculate sand and swaying palm trees: lounge in the sun as the ocean whisper to your ears. Come enjoy temperatures that will warm your heart and soul. Under these latitudes life is sweet, easy and it erases daily hassles in a heartbeat. French Polynesia, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Fiji and more: the Pacific hosts countless gems. Taking your pick will be the hardest part of your trip! On top of magical postcard landscapes, you will bask in the warm hospitality of friendly locals. Discover colorful and dreamy settings while your senses explode with delight. Spicy scents of vanilla and succulent exotic foods: enjoy the voyage of your life!


Flight to Papeete

Thanks to its international airport where your flight to Tahiti lands, Papeete enjoys an enviable growth.  The major tourist sites can be found in the city center: Queen Marau’s “royal bungalow”, Paofai Gardens and Notre-Dame of Papeete Cathedral. As you wander through the capital and visit hallmark sites, you must stroll by the waterfront esplanade. Recently renovated, it features Vaiete square where food trucks gather every night to the sound of local music. Especially during summer, the square gets crowded, pleasantly loud and colorful.  People gather joyfully to enjoy tasty food and the coolness of Polynesian nights. You will fall to the charm of Papeete, where life is easy going and slow paced. Leave daily trivia behind and break your habits. In Papeete you will experience the true meaning of the word vacation.   

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Flight to Port Vila

Vanuatu is a Melanesian archipelago shaped by volcanic activity. It is located less than two hours away from New Caledonia by plane. Powerful and breathtaking, the island’s beauty is an aesthetic revelation, a true change of scene. Vanuatu counts about 80 islands, of which Efate, Tanna, Santo and Ambrym are the most well-known. The archipelago features many volcanoes still in activity, a lush tropical forest and an amazingly diverse biodiversity. Vanuatu’s sea life is just as prolific and exceptional: its coral reef is reputed worldwide. All you need to do is book a flight to Port-Vila.


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Flight to Wallis

Wallis and Futuna Islands cover an area of 142 km² and only count about 12 000 inhabitants. Unspoiled and remote, the French archipelago resembles a natural Garden of Eden. Both islands were formed and sculpted by intense volcanic activity. Though the French government partially administers Wallis and Futuna Islands, the local aristocratic monarchy remains active – a unique occurrence in the history of French colonization. There are 3 traditional kingdoms: Uvéa, Alo and Sigave. Welcome to the land of the Polynesian Kings of the Pacific. Book your flight to Wallis and come discover islands that are unlike any other, and wonder at luxuriant landscapes and generous locals.


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Flight to Nadi

Fiji counts some 333 heavenly isles that are just a short flight from New Caledonia. The archipelago delicately emerges from the ocean like a grape of blooming tropical flowers. Only about 100 of the Fijian islands are actually populated. Locals always roll out the red carpet for visitors and you will be elated with the warmth and hospitality of their welcome. Here tourism isn’t just a business, it’s also an institution- accommodation is first-class and service remains irreproachable. Fiji hosts a plethora of amazing hotels, each featuring a great array of tours and excursions. No wonder nearly 700 000 tourists flock to the archipelago every year. Discover the ultimate sunny destination, synonymous with premium tourist activities and languorous leisure. Water sports and nautical activities are aplenty and will undoubtedly provide you a great time. Book a flight to Fiji and you will be won over by the magnetic charm of Fiji -a destination that will grant all your wishes.


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