Nature and landscapes in New Caledonia

Amidst stunning nature

From valleys green with incredible flora to world-class lagoons, New Caledonia hosts a wide range of natural treasures. Discover and wonder at a land where nature rimes with opulence.

The essential

Discover the diversity of the Caledonian landscapes

Grande Terre and the Loyalty Islands are reputed worldwide for their wild beauty and great habitat conservation. 
New Caledonia is a land of extremely diverse scenery, a destination that will have you discover a thousand different landscapes. Hike through the lush forests of the mountain range, see pristine cascades, follow ancient trails, walk on white sand beaches that are kilometers long, sail on the translucent waters of the lagoon or go trekking in the southernmost territories: New Caledonia’s nature is multifold and surprising. In Yaté the incredible décor of Plaine des Lacs will have you travel back in time: wonder at ancient plants and endemic flora. The south displays striking contrasts: bright-red soils, turquoise lagoon and vivid-green plants. Here nature draws a unique picture you will remember for a long time. Don't wait any longer and book your flight Noumea right now! You won't regret this incredible trip... What about a week-end in New Caledonia?

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Admire the thousand faces of the archipelago

A fabulous journey

New Caledonia’s nature, its wildlife and incredible panoramas will undoubtedly win your heart over. Daily trivia, obligations and worries will be instantly erased by a sunset or a plot of rainforest. Don’t hesitate any longer and embark on a journey of natural delights.

Wonderful forests

In order to discover the lush and opulent forests of New Caledonia, it is recommended you visit the numerous Natural Parks the island counts. Around Sarraméa you will find Grandes Fougères Park (Giant Ferns Park), in the south of Grande Terre there is Rivière Bleue (Blue River Park) and northward you will come across Mont Panié. The east coast will win you over with its unique and authentic charm.

The World largest lagoon

New Caledonia proudly parades its spectacular lagoon, the largest one on earth. It is so majestic and unique it was listed as a World Heritage site in 2007. Whether you sail to a remote islet or remain on Grande Terre, you will fully enjoy the beauty of the lagoon.

A thousand-faces island

Each region of New Caledonia has its own character and specific beauty. The Loyalty Islands and Ile des Pins are often described as little gardens of Eden. Ouvéa is well known for its amazingly long white-sand beach that stretches for 25 km. And everywhere the lagoon is awed at for its richness and diversity: see multicolored fish, rays, turtles, shells and fluorescent coral abound.


Enjoy the diversity of the treasures of New Caledonia


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