Aircalin freight service


A complete range of services, tailored rates, a worldwide network, over 20 years of know-how: the Air Calédonie International Freight Service adapts to all your Import – Export needs!

The service

We offer you a range of different products-services:



Standard or grouped freight, Post

Standard delivery


Special freight

Express delivery 


Exceptional freight

Tailored delivery 


These products find their complementarily in our partnerships developed with major airways companies such as Qantas, Air New Zealand and Air France-KLM.

The conditions

Plane type

Door dimensions (lxh)

Max. weight per container

1.82m x 1.24m

1 049 kg

2.24m x 1.60m

4 506 kg


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Each sending must be delivered "ready to carry”, accompanied by the following documents:

  • an “air transport letter” or LTA ;

  • a Sender’s Instruction Form (or BIE) and/or a parcel list ;

  • the customs declaration ;

  • any other document requested by AIRCALIN at the time of booking


Eventually, depending on the kind of expedition, other documents may be requested:

  • health and phytosanitary certificate ;

  • dangerous goods report (or DGR) ;

  • live animals report (or LAR) ;

  • Contents report for personal belongings expedition.


These documents must be completed and /or controlled by the sender.


Labeling of the expedition

The parcel (s) composing the expedition must absolutely bear the name and full address of the sender – such as they appear on the LTA.

Besides, a labelling provided by AIRCALIN shall be systematically compulsory, particularly for expeditions of special nature (perishable, dangerous, live animals, etc.)



The contents of the expedition must be packed in such a way that the package is able to resist all normal aerial conditions (vibrations, pressure) due to transportation. Dangerous goods must be conditioned according to applicable regulations.

The sender must declare the fragility of some parcels on the BIE.


Your Aircalin contacts


To contact us:


And two acceptance offices to better serve you:

Noumea office:

3 rue Gustave Flaubert – Baie de l’Orphelinat

Opening hours from Monday to Friday : 7:45 – 12:00 / 12:45 – 16:00

Phone 26 55 22

Fax 26 36 55

Tontouta office:

Tontouta airport – Freight terminal

Opening hours Monday to Friday: 7:30 – 11:00 / 11:45 – 16:00

Phone 35 15 30

Fax 35 19 01


Other useful contacts


Freight area – Tontouta airport
Phone 35 26 13

For pre-embarkation of your expedition



Veterinary Food and Phytosanitary Inspection Service.
City centre, 2 rue Felix Russell, Noumea
Phone 35 11 94 or 24 37 45 -
For any sending of perishable goods, animals or plants.



Tontouta Customs Office Freight terminal
Tontouta Airport 
Phone 35 11 64
For any information concerning customs formalities.